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Kansas City, Mo

The Story

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TADEJ is a design and production company specializing in the construction of individually handcrafted leather goods. Each piece is fabricated to order by hand in a studio located on the east side of downtown Kansas City, Missouri. 

The label TADEJ was chosen after the discovery of the Tadej Family Tack & Carriage Shop, an ancestrally owned business located in Croatia circa 1912, a shop which produced equestrian leather goods. 

The brand TADEJ is committed to the family tradition of quality, reflected in the design, the selection of  textiles, and in the construction of each individual piece. 

Matthew Tadej



    Family Tradition

    As a boy I was raised in my father's workshop, and while he was a busy man, I was given every opportunity to explore my process. I was surrounded by a family of skilled craftsman, who encouraged the development of a multi disciplinary skill set and fostered creative problem solving. 


    Continuing the Tradition

    Learning patterning and fabrication techniques from my father as a youth, then engaging in my own exploration of style and form, I have remained true to my family's dedication to meticulous construction, functional use, and classic structure. Each TADEJ piece is unique, carefully designed and thoughtfully hand crafted for you. 

    Tradition = Longevity

    The products that TADEJ Leather Goods produces are made to stand the test of time. Each item will only improve with age, as the leather patinas, the canvas creases, and the bags gently wear. The family tradition carries on, as the TADEJ name continues to stand behind products that are designed for beauty, functionality and longevity, ensuring that you will enjoy your  TADEJ piece for many years to come.